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jury proceedings

Since the trial jury organic act (Ley Orgánica del Tribunal del Jurado) enactment, some questions particular to criminal justice have to be submitted to the consideration and judging of a people’s jury.

Accordingly, the Molins&Parés managing partners have been specifically trained in this matter and have acquired the expertise required to guarantee a suitable legal and strategic approach.

In such a complex and particular discipline, expertise is the key for success.

corporate defence

Given the new regulatory framework defined by the organic law 5/2010 enacted on 22nd June 2011 stating the legal persons’ criminal liability, Molins&Parés includes amongst the services it provides the preventive and reactive legal advice required by this new way of understanding the authorship concept in criminal law.

The enormous impact of these changes in the Spanish corporate scenario has made us focus in analysing and communicating the consequences of these reforms, advising in terms of regulatory compliance and designing and implementing offences prevention programmes in the business environment.

opinions – preventive criminal law

In the present legal context, where criminal justice is overstretched and where the occupation of areas traditionally reserved to the civil, labour and administrative law takes place, it is essential to have specialised information that allows the involved party to take legal actions or implement a given strategy without assuming criminal risks that might or will materialise.

This is why Molins&Parés also elaborates legal reports and opinions in order to evaluate criminal risks that a given strategic and legal option might imply, in which all the alternatives or cautions that might be implemented to prevent such risks are suitably listed.

Thanks to its training and expertise, both educational and professional, the law firm partners are experts in criminal law capable to issue legal reports and opinions.

negotiation to avoid criminal litigation

Sometimes, negotiation becomes the best instrument to fight the tight constraints imposed by the legal procedure. Based on this inescapable truth, Molins&Parés attaches great importance to this option, and always tries to explore the out-of-court alternatives that allow the same goal to be reached saving the client suffering and unnecessary expenses.

The extensive experience of the managing partners has taught them that negotiation success not only depends on the personal skills, but mainly stems from two particular factors: on the one side, understanding and command of negotiation techniques, and on the other, acknowledgement by the interlocutor of the personal and ethical standards that have become a hallmark of the Molins&Parés way of working.

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