One thing is clear for Molins&Parés professionals: regardless of the role assumed during the proceedings, going through criminal justice always implies an undesirable situation.

This is why closeness and client follow up are given the utmost importance. A thorough understanding of the facts allows us to turn the client into the absolute focus of the project, incorporating his or her needs and desires into the core of the matter.

Our peace of mind relies on our client’s peace of mind.


In the past few decades, criminal justice has progressively invaded protection fields traditionally reserved to other branches of law. Therefore, criminal law has become an extremely complex matter that requires a multidisciplinary approach but, at the same time, specialisation and excellence are essential.

Molins&Parés is completely devoted to defend and represent our clients’ interests before criminal justice.

Accordingly, the law firm professionals not only have focused their education and expertise in the four disciplines composing criminal justice (criminal law, procedural law, constitutional law and forensic evidence) but show a strong will for continuous education.

In such a complex scenario like the one we are facing today, specialisation is the key to success.


Today, criminal law practice requires legal agents to have a comprehensive and specialised knowledge of the issues dealt in every single proceeding.

In order to do so, the law firm has signed cooperation agreements and develops steady collaborative projects with professors and lecturers in sanitary, economics, tax matters, as well as with a team of forensics and experts highly skilled in the particular questions that may affect our clients’ interests. This enables us to create a task force technically led by a lawyer that can offer a top level answer, since only a sound understanding of the problem can give a right solution.

Excellence requires not only specialisation, but also a thorough expertise.


Molins&Parés not only wants to become a benchmark law firm in the criminal law field, but also a law firm recognised by its way of understanding the profession practice and work.

The law firm professionals aim to be recognised for the continuous implementation of the ethical values characterising law practice and for a way of understanding our profession far removed from the mechanical and multidisciplinary perception so frequent nowadays.

A sound commitment to an ethical performance of the profession and the traditional way of working of its professionals are amongst the salient values of the law firm.

accessibility and social contribution

All the professionals at Molins&Parés are absolutely aware of the circumstances that can affect our clients and the society on the whole.

On the understanding that anyone is entitled to the best representation of his or her interests, one of the most outstanding values of the law firm is to try to guarantee the access to the services we provide.

Accordingly, social return is one of the top priorities of all the Molins&Parés members, whether in terms of educational training, professional training or “pro bono” tasks.

The best service must be within anyone’s reach and, as lawyers, we are obliged to offer some return to the society we work in.

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